It Gets Costly And Now The Stuff Is Out Of Sight, He Said.

“It gets costly and now the stuff is out of sight,” he said. There’s also the cost of treating complications that Hanis has had including kidney failure which led to a kidney transplant. Orndorff cares for diabetes patients in the University of Kansas Hospital. “You get kidney disease and heart disease, retinopathy, neuropathy. There’s all sorts of complications that come from diabetes. So we see those readmissions, and every time the patient is readmitted, that’s when costs go up,” said the diabetes nurse educator. Diabetes is the most expensive disease in America, according to the study in JAMA, which found diabetes’ costs totaled $101 billion in 2013 alone. Heart disease was second at $88 billion followed closely by low back and neck pain at $87 billion. Researchers say factors making diabetes the costliest disease include an aging population more prone to type two, the common type.

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If.omeone has diabetes, it’s extremely important that they have their eyes monitored and examined, as recommended by an ophthalmologist eye specialist. An eye care professional can help locate and make referrals to low vision and rehabilitation services and suggest devices that may help make the most of remaining vision. It is used to keep vessels from leaking, or to shrink abnormal vessels. To reduce macular enema, a laser is focused on the damaged retina to seal leaking retinal vessels. This is because the lens in the middle of the eye cannot change shape when it has too much sugar and water in the lens. laser burns are intended to cause abnormal blood vessels to shrink. Laser surgery is often helpful in treating diabetic retinopathy. Diet and exercise play important roles in the overall health of people with diabetes. Other trials have shown that controlling elevated blood pressure and cholesterol can reduce the risk of vision loss among people with diabetes. An ophthalmologist will examine the retina with an ophthalmoscope, which shines bright light into the back of the eye and allows for a close look at the blood vessels of the retina. Even after treatment for diabetic retinopathy, you’ll need regular eye exams. Retinopathy can also lead to glaucoma, increased pressure within the eye that can further threaten vision .

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