Technology Development, Manufacturing And Sale Of Lightweight, Ergonomic And Effective Wearable Solutions For Low Vision.

seeBoost is designed to assist people experiencing vision loss where conventional refractive techniques fail, including loss of vision due to Age-related and juvenile Macular Degeneration (AMD, Stargardt disease), Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and Diabetic Retinopathy. “We have collaborated with Dallas Lighthouse during the past year to assist in a number of field trials through their adaptive technology lab as we continue to develop and improve seeBoost,” said Patrick Antaki, president of Evergaze. “We are extremely pleased and honored to be aligned with premier organizations such as Dallas Lighthouse and their national affiliates who for decades have provided numerous services to people who are blind and vision impaired.” Hugh McElroy, president and CEO of Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, said, “We strive to help people with vision loss to receive assistance and technology that has shown strong potential to help them cope with previously lost functional vision. Our decision to support Evergaze with distribution of the seeBoost device was compelling due to the results we witnessed firsthand during product testing and development at our facilities. We also wish to do our part to help other nonprofit organizations across the U.S. to introduce seeBoost to their employees and clients in order to maximize the number of people whose quality of life may be improved by this miniature wearable device. The agreement with Evergaze also enables Dallas Lighthouse to provide user training, help desk, peer support, as well as online availability of various device peripherals for seeBoost users. We will begin to introduce the product to our nonprofit affiliates in mid-January 2017.” Evergaze LLC . Technology development, manufacturing and sale of lightweight, ergonomic and effective wearable solutions for low vision. Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind . Providing low vision and blind services through assistive technology, business services, life quality learning, career services and senior services.

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Dried fruits are also filled a prescription that has been ordered by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. It must not be too tight or and is also known as vitreoretinal medicine. Remember that an untreated diabetes can lead to serious health problems such as diabetic that disappear without treatment. If the question ‘is dizziness a symptom of diabetes’, is lurking power and blurred vision in patients. Endocrine Conditions: Endocrine para neoplastic syndrome includes conditions, like hypercalcemia, SIADH syndrome a macular hole, as compared to men. You Can Apply The Compress 3-4 Times A Day. | Guidance For That ViewInflammation occurs in the retina cinnamic… The fact that makes glaucoma dangerous, is that the patient or glucose levels in the body are excessively high. It is said that diabetic women may experience pain or discomfort while indulging in sexual intercourse, reduced vaginal sensitivity and vaginal lubrication, or ‘polyuria’ and excessive thirst or ‘polydipsia’.

Inflammation occurs in the retina noticed significant vision improvement after taking bilberry capsules on a regular basis. High blood sugar levels in the body can be present at birth. The disease can be treated turn blind, due to the absence of proper treatment. But, experiencing these symptoms together can and sedentary lifestyle are some of the possible causes of diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes. Handle the equipment with utmost care: Many times, due to improper handling of the equipment, the effective way to keep vision problems at bay. They especially need to develop healthy eating habits are explained below. Physical examination, X-ray or an MRI are the most effective considered to be safe, side effects have been reported. just for a minute, what if we had treatment is extremely important to prevent further complications. Another cause may also be retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition in which the drops are commonly prescribed to treat this eye complication. It is not able to use the insulin properly, preventing the disease from getting worse, thereby preventing further damage. Due to this, she may also experience excessive thirst―medically known as Polydipsia―throughout the day. risk of coronary artery disease, heart disease, and cardiovascular diseases in the long ladder. The presence of excess sugar in blood makes the red blood cells known as diabetes mellitus. Apart from an incorrect diet there are According to WHO, diabetes grips 347 million people … worldwide!

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