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Alarcon, MD, MPH Ollyy/ That the world is currently going through a complex and critical phase in its history is an understatement. The background is multifaceted: violence of all types with a different kind of war (but war anyway) at its peak, large migrations in all regions, religion transformed in terrorist codes and strategies with tragically massive sequelae, and politics in many countries (starting with the US) reaching levels of cheap TV shows or grotesque deformity by the words and actions of some of its protagonists. And the main victim, in addition to all the innocent lives of those who died or were injured (physically and emotionally) is humanity itself, the essence of its raison detrecultureas both the repository of history and the expression of our human identity. Culture is being demolished by grenades, guns, and incendiary speeches. And the worlds mental health is being threatened as never before by viruses of hatred, fanaticism, frivolousness, and a technology-based infectious chain. The challenges to psychiatry as the clinical armor of mental health, and to cultural psychiatry as its vanguard platoon, are indeed enormous in these dramatic and confusing times. The preceding may sound exaggerated but an objective and close examination of worldwide events these days, conveyed by the media, social networks, or word-of-mouth, confirm the seriousness of the situation. Almost daily attacks by unknown assailants in malls, train stations, bars, churches, or in the streets reflect the contagious nature of violencebe that the result of dysmorphic preaching or the action of lonely wolves. Religious and even ethical principles used as reasons to kill, dressed up by coward anonymity, have used European and American cities as worldwide stages. can a bunion be reversednavigate to these guysA re-invigorated racism and its mixed-up dialectics play with fear, apprehension, or sheer ignorance to make public places or dark neighborhoods scenarios of death, invoking at times the name of the law. Homicide and suicide-related deaths have increased as a consequence.

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4-Star recruit pledges to Colorado Buffaloes basketball I just love his energy, said Ross, who has overcome issues with drops as a sophomore to emerge as one of the leagues biggest deep threats. Hes just so confident in us that we never have any doubt. Hes going to put us out there because he believes in us 100 percent, and I just love his coaching style. He has a great passion for the game. Added Chiaverini: I played receiver for a long time, so I know what those guys are going through. I know the emotions and how theyre thinking. My job as a coach is to take them where they cant take themselves, and Ive been trying to do that. At the end of the day, its them making the plays. But from the mental side, Ive been pushing them hard to practice at an elite level. That combination of confidence and preparation has allowed the CU receivers to play loose and free in games, and the results have followed. The Buffs would not have have emerged with a signature win at Oregon without some of the jaw-dropping plays made by the group, most notably Bobos one-handed, tiptoe catch in the end zone in the fourth quarter that held up as the winning score.

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