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In Monday’stwo panels, only sevenjurors were deemed qualified to serve on a jury.Six of them were women, the other a man.The court is focused on gathering 70 potential jurors to choose from for the actual trial;12 jurors and sixalternates will need to be chosen. At this point itappears theprocess will take several weeks, however the judge is pleased with how quickly the questioning is happening. There seemed to be a least one time Roof and his standby counsel didn’t agree. They were communicating with him by writing him notes and giving him sticky notes which he had a stack of them. They obviously wanted him to object to a juror.Roof then stood up to say no objection, when his former lawyer grabbed at his jumpsuit and said,”You can object.” The lawyer then tried to issue an objection on his behalf, to which the judge denied One strike from Monday’s jury selection was that of a black man who appeared to be in his 60s who Roof requested to be dismissed. This was the only black person among the two panels of potential jurors gathered on Monday. He was asked questions about his view of the death penalty which he said he could come up with a verdict based on the facts and evidence presented in trial. This is not his first time in a courtroom.The judge said the man served as a foreman on a grand jury in the past for at least six months. The prosecution had some follow up questions for the man, and before bringing him back into the courtroom Roof made a motion to strike this juror from the pool. After several questions, the judge granted Roof’s motion to dismiss the juror. There were more than a dozen family members, including two survivors, in the courtroom just feet away from Roof.

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Mike Robledo Contrary to popular belief, I do not make a lot of money running political campaigns, Robledo said in an emailed statement. When I work for a candidate, most of what is paid gets expensed out because my company is good at running campaigns. Thats why we have a very good record we know what it takes to win. Campaigns are very expensive. An attorney was appointed for the 41-year-old campaign consultant on Sept. 28, after he claimed to be in need of indigent defense, despite elections records showing that he had earned at least $60,000 from various political campaigns in the no data five months leading up to his arrest. In Hidalgo County, anyone charged with a crime and in need of representation may seek out the Indigent Defense Program if they believe they are eligible based on their net household income. Service coordinators meet with defendants, review arresting official source agency reports and check for prior cases associated with the accused and prepare an application for appointment of counsel, which is then given to a judge who decides whether to order the appointment, according to the countys website. I have just as many expenses as I do income, reads Robledos statement. For example, my company outsources contractors for social media, graphic design, writers, and website designers, among others. After expensing out contract labor, I still have to split profits with my business partner.

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