Growing Old Can Also Differ Substantially Between States.

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That potent combination can make growing older a difficult time for Americans and where we choose (or are essentially forced) to live can have a significant impact on our so-called golden years. Based on relatively material indicators, including health, labor markets, amenities, and access to medical facilities, elderly populations in some states are better off than in others. The typical elderly household earns $40,971 annually, and only about half of people 65 and over report having retirement income such as pension payments and 401k withdrawals in addition to Social Security. ALSO READ: The Largest Private Company in Every State Circumstantial factors such as weather preference and the presence of friends and family also play a major role in the quality of life for elderly residents. Growing old can also differ substantially between states. We recently ranked in four broad categories related to the issues that Americans face as they age: income, health, education, and environment. Here are the 10 worst states for growing old. Mississippi > Pct. of pop. age 65 and up: 14.7% (21st lowest) > 65 and over poverty rate: 12.5% (2nd highest) > 65 and over bachelor attainment: 19.6% (5th lowest) > Life expectancy at birth: 74.8 years (the lowest) Mississippi routinely ranks as among the worst states in a range of socioeconomic and health measures, and elderly residents are not exceptional in this regard.

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